About us

Since 1957

Who we are

We are the leading premium tile setting solutions brand in Mexico with a presence in Latin America.

CREST began its operations within the facilities of Grupo Lamosa, which since then has been recognized as the leading company in the flooring and tile industry in Mexico. At that time, the floors that were manufactured were placed without perfected techniques, which forced them to look for creative and innovative ways to raise the quality of installation and maintenance of their products; This is how CREST, our premium tile setting solutions, was born.

Our Mission

We offer practical and innovative solutions ofr the fast-changing needs of the industry in the Americas.

Our Vision

We have maintained our commitmenet to excel-lance, meeting and EXCEEDING INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS  since 1996 with the certification of ISO 9000. CREST is well-positioned in the mind of contractors, architects, designers, installers, do-it-yourselfers and end-consumers.

About us

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Throughout our 60 years in the building industry CREST has been a leader in product development for tile and stone installation products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Thanks to our service of excellence, we have gained the absolute trust of both architects, installers and users, national and foreign, who seek practical and innovative solutions to the changing needs in the construction industry.



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